Where to Start with a Deck Renovation

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Working on a deck renovation isn’t always as easy as it seems. Just because you have an existing extension doesn’t necessarily mean that revamping it from scratch will be easy. It’s worth remembering that deck renovations can be different from deck rebuilds, with the latter more focused on construction than design.

Some good places to start when working on a deck renovation project with Porch Builders include:

Consider Shape and Curvature

One of the best ways to change the style and appearance of an area is by influencing its curves and overall shape. You can accomplish this objective by replacing the planks at the edge of your deck’s surface to integrate a new outline, or changing the placement of your railing to change the style.

Building Codes

It’s essential to ensure your plans are in sync with the building codes in your region. If your deck will remain 30 inches off the ground, for instance, any new railing network you install should maintain a height of at least 36 inches, from the deck’s surface to the top of the rail.

Permit Application

Significant changes to your deck will also likely involve a permit requirement. This application documents the changes you’re planning to make to the structure and will require approval from your local building authority. For high-quality, affordable deck renovation services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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