Winter-friendly Deck Designs

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A residential deck offers multiple benefits in terms of purpose and functionality. The area can be used as an additional entertainment space when hosting small gatherings. Many homeowners, however, don’t consider upgrading this extension to provide comfort during the colder seasons.

Some great winter ideas that Porch Builders can integrate with your deck’s design include:

Outdoor Heating Solutions

Installing a variety of heating options is an excellent way to counter the natural chill. There are various options available in this category, and a combination of one or two solutions can provide excellent results. Heated floors, a fireplace, and outdoor heaters, for instance, are guaranteed to keep out the cold.

Installing Deck Privacy Walls

Deck privacy walls can kill two birds with one stone. Not only does this fixture provide you with peaceful solitude, but it also prevents cold breezes, raindrops, and snowflakes from invading your porch during the colder seasons. Insulated wall panels are a great way to retain the warmth enjoyed in this space.

Installing a Hot Tub

If your deck features an enclosed space away from the wind and chill, installing a hot tub is a great luxury addition to combat any remaining cold. Positioning this feature within a covered nook in the fixture is a great strategy with this solution. You’ll likely need additional permits to integrate this fixture into your deck, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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